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The Sculpture Walk - presented by Sculpture Evergreen

  • 01 Aug 2015
  • 04 Jun 2016
  • Evergreen and surrounding areas

Pokey Park Sculpture


The new 2015-2016 Sculptures were installed Saturday, June 6, and they are fabulous! Brochures are available at many downtown businesses, and our website has been updated. Please take a walk around to see them in person, and then vote for your favorite.

Guide By Cell: Viewers with cell phones have access to a self-guided tour at their own pace. Each sculpture sports a plaque with the number 303-562-0435, and a unique number for each sculpture such as 6 or 101. The caller is directed to give this unique number followed by #. The caller will hear more about that particular sculpture, the artist's inspiration, what to look for and why. On Sculpture Walk plaques, the viewer can also find directions on leaving their thoughts in either a voicemail or by text. One can take a cell phone audio tour of the sculptures by using the Guide by Cell feature.

All temporary sculptures on the walk are for sale.

For more info, visit their website:

Sculpture Evergreen

Evergreen Downtown Business Association

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