Dam Ducky Derby

Dam Ducky Derby

Saturday, August 1, 2020
Duck Drop at 1:00 PM

$3000 in cash prizes

Dam Ducky Derby

How does it work? A fire truck drops numbered ducks from above the dam to the creek below. The rubber ducks race down Bear Creek to the finish line at Highland Haven Creekside Inn.

Anyone may participate by buying one or more uniquely numbered ducks. The winning ducks numbers are documented as they cross the finish line and cash prizes are awarded to the owners of the speediest ducks.


  • Purchase Ducks Here >

    Duck sales are open!

    Get One Lucky Duck, a Six Quack, a Quack Pack, or just go Totally Quackers!

    Online Sales are open until 11:30 the day of the Derby, and you can purchase ducks in-person in Downtown Evergreen until 12:30. After purchasing your ducks online, your Duck Numbers will be sent to you in time for the Duck Drop.

    Proceeds go to Downtown Evergreen Holiday Walk and EChO Food Pantry